Automating Staking, Claiming, Burning, and Minting

Synthetix, in partnership with Gelato, offers automation for various staking-related tasks, such as claiming rewards, minting max (to stake additional SNX), and burning (to unstake some SNX or raise your c-ratio). This automation is facilitated by the Synthetix Delegate function, introduced with SIP-10 in March 2020. Gelato bots, while unable to control your entire staking account, can claim rewards, mint, and burn on your behalf using this delegate function.

Automated Minting with Gelato V2

Functionality: The Synthetix community, in collaboration with the Gelato Network, has upgraded the automated SNX minting process with Minting V2. This version offers enhanced features and greater efficiency for SNX stakers. Follow these steps to set up Minting V2:

  1. Gelato Task Creation:

    • Navigate to Gelato and click "Create Task."

    • Choose "Every block" and select "Solidity Function."

    • Select your network (Ethereum or OP Mainnet).

    • Paste the MaxMintV2 address into the "Contract Address" field.

    • Under "Checker Function," choose checker(address _account) and paste your account.

    • For the "Target Smart Contract," use the SNX Proxy Address (0x8700dAec35aF8Ff88c16BdF0418774CB3D7599B4).

    • Select "Custom ABI" and paste the ABI from Optimistic Etherscan.

    • Choose "IssueMaxSynthsOnBehalf" function.

  2. Configuration Setup

    • Automated Price Increase Threshold (Mode 1):

      • In the mode selection, choose '1' for the threshold price increase.

        • This mode calculates the C-Ratio based on a set increase percentage from your issuance ratio. For example, if your target is set at 2% and your issuance ratio is 500%, the function triggers at 510% (calculated as 102% × 500%).

        • Input your target percentage in units of bips (basis points) where 1% is represented as 100 bips, and 0.01% as 1 bip.

    • Minimum Issued sUSD (Mode 2):

      • Select '2' for setting a minimum issued sUSD threshold.

        • Determine the sUSD threshold amount before the mint function is called. For instance, for a threshold of 250.1 sUSD, input the value as 250100000000000000000, which is 250.1 multiplied by 1e18.

        • Utilize to assist in converting your desired sUSD amount to wei.

    • Additional Configuration: Max Base Fee

      • Set the maximum base fee you are willing to pay in gwei. If you do not require a cap, enter '0'.

      • The typical gas range is 25-30 gwei on the ETH mainnet (this setting can be omitted on the OP Mainnet).

      • Convert the gwei value to wei using for inputting the max base fee.

  3. Delegate Minting Permission:

  • Note your dedicated Gelato msg.sender in the Gelato Automate > Settings app.

  • Delegate minting rights to this msg.sender in the Staking App.

ETH and OP Mainnet addresses for Automated Minting V2 can be found at:

Automated Burn and Claim with Gelato V2

Functionality: The updated Auto Burn and Claim V2 process simplifies and automates the claiming of SNX rewards and sUSD burning.

To set up this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Initial Setup:

    • Note your dedicated msg.sender on the Gelato Settings page.

    • Create a task on Gelato with the following:

      • In "Contract Address," put AutoBurnAndClaimV2 address and your selected network.

      • In "Arguments," add your address.

      • For "Target Smart Contract," use your dedicated msg.sender.

      • Copy the ABI from the Gelato Network documentation and select "batchExecuteCall."

  2. Staking App Configuration:

    • In the Staking App, delegate Claim (and Burn) permissions to your dedicated msg.sender.

  3. Optional Base Fee Limit Setup:

    • Optionally, set a max base fee limit on the contract page.

ETH and OP Mainnet addresses for Auto Burn and Claim V2 are available at:

Special thanks to community member Gunboats for helping to set this up.

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