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Spartan Council

What is the Spartan Council?

The Spartan Council (SC) is a governing DAO which currently comprises 8 members who are elected (see Elections) for the duration of an epoch by community staking participants. Established via SIP-93, the SC is responsible for conducting SIP/SCCP interviews, debating the implications of proposed changes, coordinating protocol changes with the protocol DAO and hosting periodic community governance meetings in order to best represent and protect the wider Synthetix stakeholders.
The SC, like other DAO roles, are paid a stipend by the Synthetix DAO and conduct their duties on the relevant discord governance channels and utilises snapshot’s IPFS signature voting on the staking governance site.
Spartan Council members vote on Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIP) and Synthetix Configuration Change Proposal (SCCP).
SCCPs describe changes to configurable values of existing smart contracts, whereas SIPs describe changes like deploying new smart contracts or meta-governance processes like changes to the governance process.
The Spartan Council members also hold the signing keys for a multi-sig Gnosis safe, which contains the security bonds of all pDAO members. The Spartan Council can slash a pDAO member's security bond if they act maliciously or bypass legitimate governance processes.
Besides the tasks mentioned above, Spartan Council members usually pursue different protocol-related activities based on their proficiency, like extended security research and testing or community engagement and communication.

Election & Members

Election Process:
Synthetix Stakers are assigned a percentage of debt ownership in proportion to their amount of SNX staked, and their voting power is quadratically weighted. Voting is done through the fully on-chain Synthetix Governance Module.
View the most up-to-date election results here.