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Markets on PerpsV2 are highly configurable. PerpsV2MarketSettings is another top-level contract used for the storage and retrieval of market specific (and system wide) parameters, segregated by marketKey.

It's always a good idea to query for parameter values rather than hardcoding it yourself. For example, fetching maxMarketValue then having your dapp automatically adapt to an increase of OI cap allows your integration to automatically benefit without needing to constantly monitor and update based on upstream changes.

Parameters range from small to impactful and can only be updated through passed SCCPs. Below are some commonly queried parameters:



Fee charged when order contracting skew


Fee charged when expands skew


Largest allowable size on an open position


Market OI cap on either short/long


Minimum fee in sUSD paid to keeper for liquidating or executing orders

For a complete list, refer to the Dune Dashboards below:

Trade, position and candle data

Detailed Perps dashboards

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