Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs)

The SIP is an artifact used to describe proposed changes to the core Synthetix Protocol. They can be authored by anyone and feature the motivation, technical specifications and rationale behind design decisions relating to the proposed idea.

SIPs are used as an artifact by the Spartan Council who is responsible for conducting interviews with the SIP author and debating on the implications of the SIP within the council chamber and also by the protocol DAO who is responsible for implementing the technical changes on the discretion of the Spartan Council.

SIPs live at their official site where anyone can see the status of SIPs and to find out more information about how to author one. Although anyone can author a SIP, it is ultimately up to the Spartan Council to approve and accept a SIP.

Learn about how to write a SIP or SCCP by visiting "How to write SIP/SCCPs"

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