Legacy Automated Minting & Claiming

Gelato has recently upgraded to Gelato V2, to access your old tasks, please visit https://legacy.app.gelato.network/

Synthetix, in partnership with Gelato, offers automation for various staking-related tasks, such as claiming rewards, minting max (to stake additional SNX), and burning (to unstake some SNX or raise your c-ratio). This automation is facilitated by the Synthetix Delegate function, introduced with SIP-10 in March 2020. Gelato bots, while unable to control your entire staking account, can claim rewards, mint, and burn on your behalf using this delegate function.

Automated Claiming

How it Works:

  • The bot claims your rewards if your c-ratio exceeds the target at any point during the week.

  • If you manually burn sUSD to raise your c-ratio above the target, the bot will also claim your rewards.

  • If your c-ratio never exceeds the target, the bot will not claim your rewards.

Setup Guide:

  • Deposit Funds: Add funds to your Gelato Account for transaction fees. A recommended amount is $20-25, considering Optimism transactions cost approximately $0.50.

  • Create a Task: Go to Gelato and click "Create Task." Use 0xaAd3a6178d741DEA76F57901FeeDaC0f7Bb280E5 as the contract address.

  • Select Function: Choose "Claim" after clicking "Select a function."

  • Enter Your Address: Input your address in the designated field.

  • Set Frequency: Select "Whenever Possible" for constant eligibility checks.

  • Name Your Task: Provide a name and complete the task setup.

  • Delegate Claiming Rights: Delegate only claiming rights to the Gelato contract (0xaAd3a6178d741DEA76F57901FeeDaC0f7Bb280E5) at https://staking.synthetix.io/delegate.

Automated Claiming with 'Burn to Claim'


  • If your c-ratio is below the target but you have sufficient sUSD to burn, Gelato will burn sUSD first and then claim your SNX rewards.

Setup Guide:

  • Follow the same steps as above, but choose the "Burn and Claim" function instead of "Claim."

  • Delegate the ability to both burn and claim to the Gelato address.

Automated Minting (thanks to Gunboats)

SNX community member Gunboats has developed a tool in collaboration with the Gelato Network, allowing users to automate SNX minting based on their preferred settings. This automation can significantly streamline the minting process for SNX stakers.

Step 1: Set Up Task in Gelato Network

  1. Visit and Connect: Go to Gelato Network. Connect your wallet to Optimism or Ethereum depending on where you stake.

  2. Create a Task:

    • Input SNX token address based on your network:

      • Ethereum Mainnet: 0xd0dA9cBeA9C3852C5d63A95F9ABCC4f6eA0F9032

      • Optimism: 0x8700dAec35aF8Ff88c16BdF0418774CB3D7599B4

    • Switch to Custom ABI

    • Copy and Paste the SNX Token Contract ABI from the Mainnet Etherscan link

    • Select function: issuemaxsynthsonbehalf

    • Click “Resolver” and input the MaxMint Contract address:

      • Ethereum Mainnet: 0x509c4C872d2a8A82aD2C9Cbd09869697c7C6729b

      • Optimism: 0xaD2E8F76f5f7b4378fD49fE62b8C0960511cf734

  3. Select the Checker function & input your staking address into input field

  4. Name your task

  5. Before finalizing the creation of your task, note down the msg.sender for use in the next step.

Step 2: Delegate Minting Permission

  • Delegate in Synthetix: Use the Synthetix Staking Dapp to delegate minting permission to the msg.sender address obtained from Gelato when creating your task.

Step 3: Configure MaxMint Contract

Configuring Modes

C-Ratio Mode (Method #1)

  1. Target C-Ratio: Decide your target C-Ratio, e.g., 505% (5.3 in decimal).

  2. Convert to Wei: Use 1/ Automated Target C-Ratio, then input this number into https://eth-converter.com/ as ether, then copy the Wei value and add two 0’s on the end to make sure it’s 18 digits.

    • Example: Automated Target C-Ratio of 505%

      1. 1/505 = 0.001980198019802

      2. Inputted into https://eth-converter.com/ as ether and then copied as wei = 1980198019802000

      3. Add two additional zeros 1980198019802000 + 00 = 198019801980200000

  3. Input in Etherscan:

    • Optimism: [1, "198019801980200000", 0] - It must use this exact template for Optimistic Etherscan.

    • Ethereum Mainnet: Input each piece separately:

      1. 1

      2. 198019801980200000

      3. 0

sUSD Mode (Method #2)

  1. sUSD Threshold: Choose the dollar threshold, e.g., $500.

  2. Convert to Wei: Multiply the amount by 1e18. For $500, it’s 500000000000000000000.

  3. Input in Etherscan:

    • Optimism: [2, 0, "500000000000000000000"] - It must use this exact template for Optimistic Etherscan.

    • Ethereum Mainnet: Input each piece separately:

      1. 2

      2. 0

      3. 500000000000000000000

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