Staking Guide

Synthetix staking is vastly different from other DeFi protocols; it allows anyone to earn rewards by contributing collateral (SNX) to the Synthetix protocol. Staked SNX enables the many benefits for protocols built on Synthetix, such as deep liquidity, low slippage, and highly competitive trading fees.
Staked SNX performs several crucial tasks:
  • Creates deep liquidity for Synths trading on Synthetix
  • Supports various protocols that rely on Synthetix liquidity
  • Is entitled to rewards for staking SNX: sUSD fees generated from traders and SNX inflationary rewards.
    • These rewards must be manually claimed in one transaction each fee period (i.e., once a week), or they will be returned to the pool and redistributed to other stakers.
Quick Video from SNX CC Matt on Bridging to Optimism and Staking (Part 1)
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