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Here you will find all the resources you need to build synthetic asset trading, SNX staking, and Synthetix protocol data into your project.

Learn More: To learn about the Synthetix protocol, read the Synthetix Litepaper or visit the System Overview section.

GitHub: To view Synthetix's codebase, visit the Synthetix Github page.

Build with Synthetix


Leverage a suite of synthetic assets to enable traders to access fiat currencies like USD, real-world assets like Gold, short positions on popular assets like BTC, indexes of assets from industries like DeFi, and much more. Visit the tokens section for a complete list of the Synths available.

Example: Check out Synthetix.Exchange to view a live trading interface for synths. You can view the source code at the Synthetix.Exchange Github page.

Synth Trading Integrations: For a walkthrough of how to integrate synth trading into a dApp, as well as information about how you can earn revenue from trading fees with through the Volume Program, visit the trading integrations section.


Enable users to stake SNX, mint and burn Synths, and monitor their collateralisation levels with the Synthetix Staking system.

Example: To see an example of staking in action, visit our live Staking interface. You can view the source code at the Synthetix Staking interface Github page.

Staking Integrations: For a walkthrough of how to build SNX staking into a dApp, visit the Staking Integrations section.


Access rich Synthetix system data to create dashboards and trading tools.

Example: To view a live example of a dashboard built with Synthetix data, visit the Synthetix Stats dashboard. You can view the source code at the Synthetix Stats dashboard Github page.

Synthetix Data Integrations: For a walkthrough of how to build Synthetix Data into a dApp, visit the Synthetix Data Integrations section.

Governance Resources

Discord discussions: All Synthetix governance discussions begin in the Synthetix community Discord in the #governance channel.

Research Forum: After rough discussion occurs in Discord, more formalised opinions regarding governance and improvements to Synthetix are stored in the Synthetix Research Forum.

SIP Website: To review or create Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs), visit the Synthetix SIP interface.


Contact: You can get technical support from the Synthetix Discord in the #tech-support channel.

FAQs: For additional support resources, explanations, and links that are perfect for any newcomers, visit our community-built Synthetix Resources page.