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Debt Hedging Strategies

One-Click Debt Hedging - dHEDGE dSNX

Synthetix has partnered with dHEDGE to deploy a one-click debt mirror index for SNX stakers on Optimism. With this tool, each staker can hedge their exposure to the debt pool in a few clicks.
All a staker must do is navigate to the Synthetix Staking dapp debt section and purchase the dSNX token through the UI by clicking "Hedge on Toros"
1 sUSD worth of debt mirror token will hedge one sUSD worth of debt.
Example: If you have 100,000 of sUSD active debt and purchase 100,000 of the dHEDGE debt mirror index token, it will keep your debt in approximate parity with the debt pool without any outside interaction.
To withdraw, a user must navigate to Toros Finance and click the 'Sell' button.
Alternate Hedging Strategies
This is not the only debt hedging strategies, though it is the safest in ensuring that your issued debt will equal active debt when you want to exit the system.