Base Andromeda

Reference for Core V3 + Perps V3 on Base

Evolving configuration


Andromeda is the combination of

  • Core V3

  • Perps V3

  • USDC as collateral

The Spot Market is included, but only to be used as a mechanism to exchange the assets brought by traders and LPs (USDC) for the internal accounting tokens (sUSDC and sUSD).


  • Unique to Andromeda Base is the use of a USDC wrapper, enabling USDC to appear to be used as collateral for LPs, and as margin as perp traders.

  • Underneath, USDC is wrapped and or traded into sUSDC for LP collateral (and collecting fees), and sUSD as perp margin

  • The full configuration of Base Goerli can be seen on Cannon

  • Configuration explained:

    • this is the part that deploys sUSDC (a USDC synth) and creates the spot market

    • USDC <--> sUSDC can be wrapped/unwrapped on the spot market

    • sUSD <--> sUSDC can be bought/sold on the spot market

    • No fee on these, all atomic so can be composed with multicalls

  • Coming: Andromeda Base Sandbox - in the meantime see the more general Sandbox with Perps can be used once USDC is wrapped and swapped to sUSD

The Andromeda Release is configured to use oracle contracts which comply with ERC-7412. Use the client library when building off-chain integrations like UIs and bots.

For LPs

LPs can arrive with USDC to provide liquidity (LP). The contracts or integrators need to:

  1. Wrap USDC to sUSDC on the Spot Market

    1. Function: SpotMarketProxy.wrap(marketId, wrapAmount, amountReceived)

    2. Example: wrap(1, 1000000000000000000, 1000000000000000000)

  2. Deposit sUSDC to Pool

  3. Delegate sUSDC to Market

When withdrawing, initial collateral plus any fees can be withdrawn, then unwrapped from sUSDC to USDC.

For Perp Traders/Integrators

Traders can take the following actions:

  • Create an account

  • Manage margin balances

  • Commit orders

Keepers can take the following actions:

  • Settle orders committed by traders

  • Liquidate accounts

Additionally, integrators can create a seamless trading experience using USDC by utilizing the wrapper and spot market. Since USDC-sUSDC and sUSDC-sUSD exchanges are both 1:1 swaps, integrators can easily prepare a multicall to "zap" between USDC in their wallet and their account margin.

Create an Account

To deposit margin , you must specify an accountId.

  • Call PerpsMarketProxy.createAccount() to create an account with a random accountId

  • You can also specify an accountId, which will revert if the account already exists

See creating accounts for more technical docs.

Managing Margin Balances

Each perps account holds assets to use as margin for their positions. Currently Andromeda supports USDC collateral through the use of a token wrapper. Fetch margin balances using these functions on the PerpsMarketProxy contract:

  • totalCollateralValue(accountId): Get the USD value of all collateral in the account

  • getAvailableMargin(accountId): Get the USD value of the margin available to use as collateral for future positions

  • getWithdrawableMargin(accountId): Get the USD value of the margin you can withdraw immediately

  • getRequiredMargins(accountId): Get USD values of the margin requirements for the specified account, given their open positions

Preparing Margin Transactions

Integrators can directly deposit and withdraw USDC by preparing a multicall to execute in a single transaction. These transactions interact with the SpotMarketProxy to wrap and swap USDC for sUSD. Use marketId = 1 for sUSDC. Matching values like wrapAmount and amountReceived in the transactions will guarantee this 1:1 swap.

All transactions should be prepared as a multicall and sent to the TrustedMulticallForwarder contracts using aggregate3Value.


An account must meet the following requirements to execute USDC transfers between their wallet and a perps account.


  • Holds an account NFT for perps. See creating an account.

  • Approve SpotMarketProxy to transfer USDC

  • Approve SpotMarketProxy to transfer sUSDC

  • Approve PerpsMarketProxy to transfer sUSD


  • Account NFT has some withdrawable margin

  • Approve SpotMarketProxy to transfer sUSD

  • Approve SpotMarketProxy to transfer sUSDC

Deposit perp margin

  1. USDC -> sUSDC - Wrap USDC on the spot market

    1. Function: SpotMarketProxy.wrap(marketId, wrapAmount, amountReceived)

    2. Example: wrap(1, 1000000000000000000, 1000000000000000000)

  2. sUSDC -> sUSD - Sell sUSDC for sUSD on the spot market

    1. Function: SpotMarketProxy.sell(marketId, synthAmount, minUsdAmount, referrer)

    2. Example: sell(1, 1000000000000000000, 1000000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  3. Deposit sUSD

    1. Function: PerpsMarketProxy.modifyCollateral(accountId, synthMarketId, amountDelta)

    2. Example: modifyCollateral(12345, 0, 1000000000000000000)

Withdraw perp margin

  1. Withdraw sUSD

    1. Function: PerpsMarketProxy.modifyCollateral(accountId, synthMarketId, amountDelta)

    2. Example: modifyCollateral(12345, 0, -1000000000000000000)

  2. sUSD -> sUSDC - Buy sUSDC on the spot market

    1. Function:, usdAmount, minAmountReceived, referrer)

    2. Example: buy(1, 1000000000000000000, 1000000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  3. sUSDC -> USDC - Unwrap sUSDC on the spot market

    1. Function: SpotMarketProxy.unwrap(marketId, unwrapAmount, minAmountReceived)

    2. Example: unwrap(1, 1000000000000000000, 1000000000000000000)

Sample Margin Transactions


Given an account with some available margin, a trader can commit orders to a perps market. That order will be settled by a keeper according to the specified settlementStrategyId. The Andromeda deployment uses Pyth oracles to settle your order at a future price after a short delay.

See more technical details about preparing orders on this page.

Committing Orders

Call PerpsMarketProxy.commitOrder(commitment) to commit an order. The input commitment is a tuple configuring the order. Here are some recommendations for those inputs:

  1. marketId: Call getMarkets() and metadata to get more info about the markets

  2. accountId: The accountId that has available margin

  3. sizeDelta: A wei value of the size in units of the asset being traded

  4. settlementStrategyId: Recommended 0 for Pyth settlement. Call getSettlementStrategy for more details

  5. acceptablePrice: Minimum fill price for longs, maximum fill price for shorts

  6. trackingCode: A bytes32 encoded value for tracking integrator volume

  7. referrer: An address for configured integrators to receive a share of fees.

See a sample order commitment transaction here.

Order Settlement

Orders will typically be settled by a keeper who fetches the price data from Pyth and fills orders for a fee. You can check getOrder(accountId) for a given account to view the status of the order. The sizeDelta will be set to 0 when the order is filled, otherwise it will expire and can be replaced with another order.

See a sample order settlement transaction here.

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