Base LP Guide

Steps to LP on Base:

1. Bridge or obtain USDC on Base

2. Go to the Synthetix V3 LP app

3. Connect your wallet, switch network to Base, then click 'Create Account'

4. Click "Deposit" on the USDC tab within the Spartan Council Pool

5. Deposit your USDC collateral

6. You're now an LP and eligible for perps trading fees + USDC/SNX LP incentives

Key Points to Understand:

  • Collateral determines your share of fees and incentives (different from V2's debt-based distribution)

  • 24-hour lock applies to withdrawals for USDC, fees, new deposits, and other activities reset the timer

  • LPs can only supply USDC to earn fees and incentives (no sUSD minting capability)

  • Wrapped tokens may appear in your wallet or on Etherscan.

  • Fee split: 40% to LPs, 40% to SNX buyback and burn, 20% to integrators.

  • Reference other blog posts for incentive program details and timelines.

Risks of LPing:

⚠️ Skew or poor market performance can increase debt

  • In the first few weeks after launch, debt levels may fluctuate based on trader performance and market conditions.

  • As Open Interest caps are increased, arbitrageurs are expected to balance any skew in the perps markets, neutralizing its impact on debt.

⚠️ Smart contract vulnerabilities

⚠️ Collateral depeg (USDC)

As always, do your own research and only deposit what you can afford to lose. Understanding the risks is crucial before participating as a liquidity provider.

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