Technical Architecture

Synthetix V3 consists of a collection of separate system. Each system includes a UUPS proxy contract, an automatically generated router contract, a series of module contracts, and a series of storage library contracts.

Router Generator

Router contracts are automatically generated using custom tooling which can be found in the utils/router folder in the Synthetix V3 repository. See the README there for more information.

Note that Etherscan does not yet have support for this proxy architecture when generating Read/Write Contract user interfaces. Instead, you can use a similar tool in the Cannon registry explorer.

Storage Libraries

Systems use a series of storage libraries, analogous to models in MVC frameworks. These contracts typically load and save a struct from a specified storage slot. See the Collateral Configuration storage library as an example.

Data runs a risk of corruption if a storage library is upgraded in an invalid way. (For example, rearranging the order of items in the struct will cause unintended side-effects.)

To protect against this, this Hardhat plug-in validates storage updates in the continuous integration pipeline.

Storage libraries are also not straightforward to interact with in unit testing. To help resolve this challenge, the plug-in also includes a generate-testable task which automatically creates a smart contract with getter and setter methods for the specified storage library.

Video Overview

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