Quick Start

Run a local node with clean deployment of the Synthetix core system, mock collateral, the oracle manager, a spot market, and a perps market with the following command:

npx @usecannon/cli synthetix-sandbox

To export the ABIs and contract addresses for this deployment, run the following command:

npx @usecannon/cli inspect synthetix-sandbox --write-deployments ./deployments 

Remember to always interact with the proxy contracts instead of the router or modules directly.

Check out the Synthetix Sandbox repository to see the specifics of how this node is configured. You can fork the repository, make modifications to the Cannonfile to create different scenarios, and use SampleIntegration.sol as a boilerplate for developing smart contract integrations.

If you have questions, reach out in the #dev-portal channel of the Synthetix Discord server.

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