Build on v3 FAQ

Considerations for creating new products on v3

What all is needed to do this?

Playbook for building on v3

Is a new Pool required?

Not necessarily, because existing Pools could choose to delegate some of their collateral to your Market, but you need to convince the Pool owners to do so.

Is a new Market required?

Usually yes. Your Market is what draws on liquidity delegated to it, by existing Pools (or your own Pool if you create one). A profitable Market deposits earnings (and potentially rewards) to the Pools providing liquidity.

Can a Market swap snxUSD for another assets? (eg WETH)

A Market must conform to the IMarket interface, which means it can only deposit/withdraw snxUSD to/from Pools, but is free to interact with the wider defi ecosystem in any reasonable way.

Can a Market accept another asset directly? (eg WETH)

See above

Can the Market owner impose a fee that incentivizes them?

Market owners are free to decide how their Markets function. Ultimately Markets are judged and compared on their performance (withdrawals and deposits to Pools) over time.

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