Build on v3

What will you build on v3?

v3 is in alpha, but now is the time to start building

An outline of v3, its components and possibilities
The case for building on Synthetix v3

Why build on v3

Synthetix v3 solves the cold-start and scaling liquidity problems for derivate protocols, with more than $500m of liquidity waiting for new markets. Synthetix is an endlessly composable and configurable liquidity layer; backing derivative Markets, so they can scale faster, and LPs can accrue more fees.

  • Product:

    • Cold-start liquidity: Synthetix Liquidity Providers can allocate their collateral to your Pool in a few clicks

    • Scaling liquidity: Incentivize your own Pool, or attract existing Pools to back your Market

  • Technical:

    • Speed: It's trivial to create and configure Pools/Markets/Rewards

    • Security: v3 has been audited by both Open Zeppelin and Iosiro

Playbook for building on v3

  1. Create your Market: Create a new derivatives Market, or adapt your existing product, following Market Development Guide, and conforming to the IMarket interface in Operating a Market

  2. Register your Market: Propose an SCCP to Synthetix governance for your Market to be registered (this governance requirement goes away once permissionless Markets are enabled by Spartan Council)

  3. Get collateral: Request some of the existing $500m+ LP collateral in the Synthetix system for your Market

    1. request collateral from an existing Pool OR

    2. propose a new Pool of your own via SCCP, and attract Synthetix LPsCreating and Configuring Pools (this governance requirement goes away once permissionless Pools are enabled by Spartan Council)

Your high performing Market will be attractive to other Pools and Synthetix LPs.

Use cases

  • Want to create a novel derivatives product? You could create a v3 Market, then request one of the existing Pools to delegate your Market some collateral, or create a Pool.

  • Want to control your own liquidity? You could propose to create a new Pool, and offer additional token incentives to Liquidity Providers with the Rewards Manager.

Next steps

  1. Join the integrator telegram group to ask questions

  2. Follow Synthetix Integrators list on X


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