Steps for Claiming

Basic Steps for Claiming SNX Rewards

Informational Guide

  • You will only receive rewards if you are staked before the snapshot (Wed 3-4 PM UTC).
  • To receive maximum rewards, ensure you are close to the target c-ratio. You can do this by minting max on the staking menu.
  • Claimed SNX rewards are escrowed for one year. You won’t be able to transfer or sell them during this time, though they will be automatically staked.
  • sUSD fees are burned weekly and do not need to be claimed, they will reduce your debt each week.

Staking dAPP Mechanics Guide

  • Staking rewards are calculated and made available once per week on Wednesdays
  • Navigate to the staking menu to claim your weekly rewards:
  • You won’t be able to claim if your C-Ratio is at or below the target c-ratio. Burn your sUSD debt to claim for the week if this is the case.

Step-by-Step Claiming Guide

  • Click "Claim your rewards"
  • Click "Claim Synthetix Staking Rewards" and confirm the subsequent wallet transaction.
    • Note that sUSD rewards are automatically burned each Wednesday, while liquidation rewards do not expire but must be claimed to begin vesting. Neither of these rewards expire.