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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Support

The following subdomains are setup via

Core Contracts

Link ENS Address Contract Name
snx.eth ProxyERC20
susd.snx.eth ProxyERC20sUSD
seth.snx.eth ProxysETH
feepool.snx.eth ProxyFeePool
depot.snx.eth Depot
resolver.snx.eth ReadProxyAddressResolver

Third Party Contracts

Link ENS Address Contract Name
unipool.snx.eth Unipool (LP rewards for sETH:ETH stakers)
grantsdao.snx.eth GrantsDAO (DAO for


Link ENS Address Desc
fees.snx.eth Fee address account
oracle.snx.eth Synthetix centralized Oracle
protocoldao.snx.eth Protocol DAO (owner of all contracts)