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Ambassador Council

What is the Ambassador Council?

The Ambassador Council is responsible for promoting Synthetix's interest in the DeFi ecosystem. This advocation comes through two primary means: governance and partnerships. Governance includes seeking governance power in protocols that may be beneficial for Synthetix, and voting for proposals in the interest of token holders. Partnerships include working with Synthetix integrators to help them integrate within the Synthetix Ecosystem.
The Ambassador Council's five elected members stay up to date with relevant DeFi governance matters and promote knowledge sharing between Synthetix and other protocols by hosting Spartan Town Halls in the Synthetix Discord.

Election & Members

Election Process:

Synthetix Stakers are assigned a percentage of debt ownership in proportion to their amount of SNX staked, and their voting power is quadratically weighted. Voting is done through the fully on-chain Synthetix Governance Module.


View the most up-to-date election results here.