Trading Synthetix Perps V3

Synthetix Perps V3 is the latest iteration of the decentralized perpetual futures trading platform powered by the Synthetix protocol. This page provides an overview of the key improvements in Perps V3 and guides you on how to start trading using the available front-end integrations.

Key Improvements in Perps V3

  1. Native Cross-Margining: Perps V3 introduces a unified margin system, allowing traders to manage their positions more efficiently by offsetting gains and losses across different markets.

  2. Expanded Collateral Options: Traders can now use a variety of synths from the V3 spot market as collateral, including sETH and sBTC, providing greater flexibility in managing positions.

  3. MEV-Resistant Liquidations: The new liquidation mechanism implements gradual, configurable liquidations, reducing the risk of MEV attacks and ensuring a fairer trading environment.

  4. Improved Deterministic Settlements: Enhancements to the settlement process and low-latency oracles minimize the potential for frontrunning and improve overall trading efficiency.

  5. NFT-Based Accounts: Traders can now transfer their accounts or grant limited permissions to other accounts via NFTs, enabling a more flexible and composable trading experience.

How to Trade Perps V3

Synthetix does not host its own trading frontend. Instead, it relies on a network of frontend integrators to provide user interfaces for trading Perps V3. Currently, the following integrators support Perps V3 trading:

  1. Polynomial - Via private beta, visit their Discord for more details.

To start trading Perps V3, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a front-end integrator from the list above and visit their website.

  2. Connect your wallet to the platform.

  3. Deposit the required collateral into your trading account.

  4. Select the market you wish to trade and place your orders.

Risks of Perpetual Futures Trading

⚠️ Leverage trading carries a high risk of capital loss.

⚠️ Market volatility can lead to sudden price movements and liquidations.

⚠️ Smart contract vulnerabilities may result in unexpected losses.

⚠️ Frontrunning and MEV attacks, although mitigated, may still impact trading outcomes.

Always conduct thorough research and risk assessment before trading. Never trade with more than you can afford to lose.

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