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Here are guides for programmatically achieving actions within the Synthetix protocol, along with examples in both JavaScript (for off-chain scripting) and Solidity (for on-chain contract interactions).


For SNX stakers, claim weekly rewards.


Delegating key actions - issue, burn, exchange and claim to other wallets, including third party contracts.

Depot: ETH/sUSD

Using the Depot to deposit excess sUSD (primarily for stakers) and to exchange ETH for that sUSD.

Staking (Minting, Issuing)

Staking (aka locking) SNX in Synthetix to issue (aka mint, issue) sUSD in the form of debt and start earning rewards.

Trading (Exchanging)

Trading (aka exchanging) one synth for another.

Trading Settlement

Settling any fees owed or owing due to Fee Reclamation (SIP-37).

Note: Settlement has no direct UI component, settlement happens as part of subsequent exchanges or transfers via Mintr. However, it can be explictly invoked - see our walkthru.

Unstaking (Burn)

Unstaking (aka unlocking) SNX in Synthetix by burning sUSD debt.